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Our Services

Prolonged Healthspan

We offer tests to assess individual health status and predict your biological age.

Personalized dietary and lifestyle plans to optimize your health and lifespan

Track your progress to a younger you!

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Weight Management

We provide guidance and advice on diet plans such as Intermittent fasting etc.

Personlised exercises are being taught to promote muscle building.

Prescribed medications are also available to aid in faster weight loss.

Certified with Singapore Association for Study of Obesity (SASO).

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Women's Health

We provide women's health services such as Pap Smear, Thin Prep, Ultrasound for Breast and Pelvis

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          Joint Health

We conduct detailed assessments on joint status as well as personalised plan on how to make the joints young again through diet, exercise and medical treatment.

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       Mental Health

We offer guidance and counselling, besides using


We are Accredited Doctors with the Ministry of Health on Mental Health management.

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     Men's Health

We offer tests to assess if the hormones are lacking or if it affects the health and wealthbeing of the individual. Our moods and energies may often be affected by the levles of hormones in our system or the effects it has on our systems.

Diet and exercise is important and sometimes medications or injections may be needed.

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