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Childhood Developmental Assessment 

child assessment

Childhood Developmental Assessment is a form of preventative care for all children. It not only helps to identify those who are at risk of developmental delays so that early intervention can be provided, it is also one of the proven ways to assure a child’s academic and life success. In fact, numerous studies have shown that the sooner a developmental delay is detected early and starts therapy, the better the child’s chances in making significant progress. Very often, common developmental delays usually go unnoticed until a child enters primary school. Some of such developmental delays include autism, hearing as well as speech and language impairments.

Every Child Matters to Us

We often like to stress the importance of child developmental assessment to parents as it helps to identify children who are at risk of developmental delays, so that early intervention can be provided.

Developmental milestones are a series of behavioral or physical checkpoints in a child’s growth. They are the foundational skills that newborns and toddlers should develop during their growing years.

When parents observed that your little one is not reaching his/her key developmental milestones, you should wait no longer to call and book a consultation with our doctors.

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