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Prolong Healthspan starts with YOU by taking charge 


Health Screening at Everhealth Clinics

To educate everyone on doing regular health screening, even if you feel just fine, is of utmost importance to us. With early detection, it aids in effective early intervention, Through such checkups, we are able to identify potential health issues and complications early and thus manage them before they become worse.

Benefits of Having Your Health Screening Done at Everhealth Clinics

With 2 clinics strategically located in the North-Eastern and Western region of Singapore, we strive to deliver quality, affordable and accessible health screenings for everyone.

Our medical professionals aim to provide personalised recommendations and treatment for patients, helping you to understand your current health status, and identify any future potential risks for early intervention. 


Health Screening Preparations

Every individual is important to us. We want to make your health screening experience a seamless and pleasant one. To facilitate the health screening process, we'll guide you through the screening preparations so as to help you understand what to expect before, during- and post-screening.

Healthier SG
ONE Patient, ONE Family Physician
  • Family doctors will provide more holistic care, focused on prevention and improved chronic care, and build a stronger long-term relationship with patients

  • Doctors and patients will develop a health plan together, which includes lifestyles adjustments, regular health screening and recommended vaccinations

  • Seniors will benefit from additional support from Eldercare Centres

  • Fully-subsidised health consultation for your 1st visit at enrolled clinic

  • Greater affordability at your enrolled clinic for Singapore citizens

  • Fully-subsidised national health screenings and vaccinations

  • CHAS cardholders can benefit from subsidies similar to that in polyclinics for common chronic drugs

  • More medisave usage by removing the 15% co-payment requirement


Under Healthier SG, residents will be encouraged to choose and enrol with a family doctor of their choice. Upon successful enrolment, they will discuss and develop health plans with their doctors, who will monitor their health via follow-up consultations. The table below explains further about what you can expect from your Healthier SG journey.



  • Free 1st onboarding health consultation at our clinic

  • Share your medical history and conditions with the doctor

  • Develop personalised health plan including health screening and lifestyle changes


  • Follow your health plan on HealthHub App

  • Participate in community programmes to maintain a healthy lifestyle

  • Track your physical activity on Healthy 365 App regularly


  • Your health plan will be monitored through regular check-ups with your doctor

  • Adjustments to your health will be made along the way depending on your progress      

Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS)

The Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) enables all Singapore Citizens, including Pioneer Generation (PG) and Merdeka Generation (MG) cardholders, to receive subsidies for medical and/or dental care at participating General Practitioner (GP) and dental clinics.

For patients with chronic conditions, CHAS complements the Chronic Disease Management Programme (CDMP), which allows for MediSave to be used for outpatient treatment (for the same set of chronic conditions) covered under CHAS. Besides enjoying CHAS subsidies for the treatment of their chronic conditions, patients can also tap on their MediSave to defray part of the cost of these treatments.

Singapore citizens can receive subsidies at both our clinics


Subsidies for health screenings under Screen for Life (SFL)

Screen for life

Both our clinics are participating providers in the Screen for Life (SFL) programme by the Health Promotion Board Singapore. The purpose of this programme is to encourage Singaporeans to go for regular health screenings. Under this programme, eligible Singaporeans can go for subsidised health screenings at our clinics.

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